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As a Doctor, it may be possible for you to engage with Medical Station as a Self Employed individual.  Please contact either the Doctors team or the payroll department to discuss this with them.

You will either receive a text or email confirmation when your shift has been confirmed. If you have not received either, then please contact the office. Please do not assume that your shift is cancelled, always speak to a consultant.

To discuss the work that we currently have available, please call us to speak to our of our dedicated consultants.  Alternatively, you can provide us with your availability using our online availability calendar and we will contact you.

You can do this either by calling our booking team. The key is to stay in frequent contact with us and provide us with your availability in advance.  By keeping us informed, we will be able to ensure that we contact you as soon as a work becomes available.

This is dependant upon the availability of accommodation and whether our client pays travel expenses.

You are only entitled to holiday if you register with Medical Station on a PAYE basis.  The standard paid holiday entitlement is 28 days per year (including Bank Holidays) and this will be pro rated based upon your working history throughout the holiday calendar year.  Please refer to your payslip for confirmation of your accrued holiday entitlement.

You will have a team of Consultants who are dedicated to your area. Each Consultant will be able to assist you with any requests.

We have a wide variety of temporary and permanent work available across both the NHS and private clients throughout the UK.  To discuss opportunities in your area, please contact us.

Our offices are manned with experienced staff 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  If for any reason you need to cancel a shift, it is important that you call us to let us know as soon as possible.  Note: Between the hours of 23:00 and 05:30 we operate a mobile service which is managed by our Out of Hours team.

There is currently a weekly pay run on a Friday, and, as long as you have supplied a valid timesheet by the 5pm submission deadline on a Monday, and as long as there are no issues with your booking, then you will be included in the Friday pay run.

There are various guidelines for a timesheet to be considered valid as contained in the Welcome Letter.  Some of the key factors are; Only 1 ward per timesheet, Photographed timesheets are not allowed.

The holiday calendar year runs from 1st October to 30th September each year.  You must ensure that you use all your accrued holiday entitlement during this period, as holiday cannot be carried forward from one year to the next.

Holiday must be taken when you aren’t registered to work any shifts as we cannot pay you for shifts and holiday for the same day.  To claim your holiday, you must contact the payroll department who will be happy to provide you with a holiday request form.  You can either contact Payroll via email or you can call them directly.

You can engage with Medical Station as a PAYE candidate where Tax and National Insurance will be deducted for you at source.  You can engage via a PSC (Personal Services Company) or you can engage via an Umbrella company.  The Recruiters, Registrations or Payroll team will be only too happy to discuss these various options with you, or provide you with a summary as to the different options and the benefits of each. 

To successfully engage as a PAYE candidate, you must supply confirmation of your National Insurance number, You must complete the starting declaration in the application pack in relation to your taxable status, you must complete a bank details form, and PAYE Terms & Conditions must have been received and signed.

To be able to engage as a PSC, you must be able to provide; a valid certificate of incorporation, have signed a copy of the PSC Terms and Conditions and provided bank detail confirmation which confirms the bank account is in the company name.  The payroll team will then need to confirm that you are an engaged Director of the PSC.

The PSC Terms and Conditions must have been received and signed.  The Umbrella company that you are using must be engaged and operated in the UK and this should be evidenced.  A bank details form must be received detailing the information of the Umbrella company not you as the candidate.

The deadline for submitting your timesheet is 5pm on a Monday.

Please either call or email one of the payroll team addresses (depending whether you are a doctor or nurse) and they will send you the appropriate status change pack and details of the requirements.

If you are auto-enrolled, there will be the opportunity to opt out of the scheme.  NEST will send you details on opting out when they confirm that you have been auto-enrolled.  The legislation states that you have to be enrolled before you can opt out, and restricts you from allowing us to opt you out in advance.

Please email the payroll team, depending on whether you are a doctor or a nurse, and they will send you the bank details amendment form.

If you submit your timesheets via email on a weekly basis and you receive an automated response then, barring any IT issues outside of our control, it is safe to assume that your timesheet has been received by the payroll team and will be processed.

Timesheets can either be emailed or can be sent in via the post.  It is not recommended however that you fax your timesheet as we cannot guarantee receipt.

If you move house or change your email address or mobile phone number, then please contact our payroll department and they will be happy to send you out a personal details amendment form. Alternatively, you can email your revised details and we will ensure that our systems are fully updated.  You are not able to simply change your bank account details via email, please refer to our FAQ on “I need to change my bank details how do I do this?”.

You can register with Medical Station using the online application form. Your application will be reviewed and a member of our Registrations Team will contact you to advise on the next steps.  Alternatively, you can call us to register over the phone. 

Our candidate journey is very important to us and we aim to clear candidates as quickly as possible, working and communicating with you throughout the process. 

The time it takes for a DBS check to be completed varies quite considerably.  To ensure that your check is returned as quickly as possible, we work in conjunction with Capita Recruitment Vetting Services to provide an online application service.  In many cases, checks are returned in just a few days.  To track the progress of your DBS check you can use the DBS Online Tracking Service.

Medical Station offer a wide variety of training sessions. Please call us for more information or visit the training section of our website for more information.

The rate of pay is dependent on where you work, and will vary from placement to placement.  We pride ourselves on offering highly competitive rates, and your consultant will be able to confirm the exact rate of pay rate at the point of booking.

If you are booked to work with an NHSP client, your consultant will confirm this at the time of booking.  All NHSP clients use e-timesheets rather than Medical Station paper timesheets, so there is no need for you to submit a paper timesheet to the payroll department. You will need to release (approve) your own e-timesheet and you will receive an email directly from NHSP  regarding how you do this.

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